Machine Storm

Chapter 6: Apocalypse Junior Class

The cafeteria conditions in Tianjin are quite good, especially the mecha and starship types. Ma Long is also opening meat today, directly on the second floor. There are various à la carte dishes here, and there are some good special materials from time to time. Such as lunar, mars, and even Titan specials.

Of course, they all come from the earth, mainly because of the difference in raw materials. The beef produced by Titan Star is unique, and the price of Thai cattle is also the top one. It is definitely called "Tai Niu". Rare energy, this is the unique elemental infiltration of Titan, and it is a great supplement to the warriors. Malone is obviously very happy. One piece of steak is a piece of steak for everyone.

"You heard that Principal Long was seriously dissatisfied with the results of the last mecha department, so this year's team is going to be selected, and several captains have been designated, one of which is your squad leader, the first sister, I am optimistic about her, Hong Tu and Zhao Zhihan and the others can't do it at all, what are they playing." After drinking the small beer, Ma Long's whole mood took off a little, "Musashi, you must be there?"

Musashi nodded, silently ordered another steak, Ma Long's mouth twitched, he ignored the appetite of these animals, but Nima just pretended to force and said he would eat it openly.

It's sloppy.

"I will also add one." Zuo Xiaotang is also welcome, and there are not many opportunities to slaughter the horse's head.

"Damn it, what about human nature? You can add one more at most. You can't have more. My wife is gone." Ma Long didn't care about his face when he saw that the situation was not right. "How many team members has the first sister selected now?"

"At present there is me, the others don't know yet."

"Really, the third child in our dormitory has the most promising future. Maybe everyone will hug your thighs in the future." Ma Long said without shyness, the Wu family came from an ancient Wu family, and it can be seen that the family is very strict with Musashi. There is no playfulness in him, and the training is also the most serious. This kind of resources is good, the talent is high, and it is more unsuccessful than others. Who succeeds?

Musashi was a little embarrassed, when Shengman arrived, "I'm sorry, I have something to do, I'm late, what's the joy of eating today?"

Before everyone could speak, Ma Long said quickly, "On the first day of school, I want to cheer up my brothers, dear, come here."

Ma Long had already prepared for Sheng Man. Sheng Man smiled and sat beside Ma Long. This year, Sheng Man, who was in his third year, had fully blossomed into the charm of a woman. Every glance and smile were very interesting. Although they had been talking for a year, the two The relationship between them was really good. As soon as Sheng Man came, Ma Long began to ignore them.

Fortunately, Li Hao and the others were used to it, but for some reason, the beef on the plate suddenly didn't taste good.

At this time, two more people came over with dinner plates, looking for a seat. The cafeteria was still talking loudly, and the voice dropped a few decibels and began to whisper.

It was Zhou Naiyi and Yetong, and the news that Yetong had arrived at Tianjing Jiwu spread all over the world in an instant. The popularity was outrageously high, and she was also a high-profile rookie this year. In fact, they all thought that with her strength and fighting style, she would go NUP, to tell the truth, NUP can give better treatment, but she chose Tianjing.

As soon as Zhou Nai saw Li Hao, "Xiao Tong, I'll have a word with Li Hao, it'll be done in a while."

"Sister Nai, since we met, let's eat together." Ye Tong said.

Zhou Naiyi didn't care, the two walked over, and Yetong walked directly to Zuo Xiaotang, smiling slightly, "Senior brother, can you give me a place?"

Zuo Xiaotang was instantly blinded, and his buttocks bounced up, "No problem, you sit."

Yetong sat on Li Hao's side with a plate, while Zhou Naiyi sat opposite Li Hao. Everyone didn't know what medicine the two gourds were selling. Sheng Man greeted them generously. She was from the Journalism Department. Yes, I know Zhou Naiyi very well, and I am also very interested in Yetong.

"Li Hao, Principal Long has reformed the mechanism for participating in the machine martial arts competition this year. I will be one of the selected teams. Do you want to participate?" Zhou Naiyi asked.

Everyone at the dinner table was stunned, and Li Hao was also stunned, "Me? Forget it, it's enough to have Musashi in our bedroom."

"What if Principal Long called you to participate?" Zhou Nai stared at Li Hao intently, trying to observe something from his expression.

The old principal got him from the journalism department to the mecha department, and Principal Long gave him this opportunity again. With Long Danni's character, it's obviously not because of someone's face, but because Li Hao has a problem.

"Can I refuse?" Li Hao was stunned. Where did this come from? Could it be...

For some reason, Zhou Naiyi felt that Li Hao was escaping something. Since he wanted to help him train yesterday, after thinking about it carefully, there was a kind of uninteresting... perfunctory in his words.

Yes, it was perfunctory, which made Zhou Naiyi feel a little uncomfortable.

"No, this is a direct order from the principal. You must participate. Whether you can stay depends on your performance." Zhou Naiyi said decisively.

Li Hao shrugged helplessly, "Squad leader, you can participate, but you know my situation. I often work overtime at night, so the training time may not be stable."

Ye Tong, who was beside him, for some reason, his eyes narrowed a little, and he tapped the plate, and everyone's eyes were attracted.

Yetong smiled, "Senior, I'm looking forward to being a teammate with you. The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. Sometimes it's better to be proactive."

Yetong obviously has something to say, but who is this... Li Hao?

"Li Hao, you hide very deeply. You usually don't seem interested in anything. When did you know Tongshen?" Sheng Man asked curiously, 4396's personality is very marked, Musashi is a martial arts idiot, except for training and transformation Qiang was not interested in anything. She even introduced her best friend to Musashi, but the other party didn't go. It was really tough, and Zuo Xiaotang was a senior otaku, but he was very talented in shooting. As for Li Hao, he was the most talented. The one who doesn't have a sense of existence, but it's hard for you to ignore him, maybe it's the kind of inexplicable confidence and indifference.

Yetong looked at Li Hao, "Senior brother, it seems that they don't even know your true identity. After so many years, your character is really unchanged."

Zhou Naiyi and the others put down their chopsticks and looked at Li Hao and Yetong.

"This, is there any misunderstanding between Junior Sister..." Zuo Xiaotang couldn't help but said, he knew about Li Hao's situation. He grew up in an orphanage, and he seemed to have attended some training in the middle. When he came back After studying in the preparatory class in Tianjing, he was later admitted to the Tianjing machine martial arts. Others also know this.

"Do you know the Solar System Apocalypse Junior Class?" Nighteye said.

"Who doesn't know this, that juvenile class has become a myth. The only time the four major federations joined forces to do something, all came out of top powerhouses. It seems that there is a major accident and it will not be done again, tsk tsk, golden signboard. ." Ma Long said, many of the strong players in this competition are from the junior class.

"Li Hao, did I say it later, or did you say it yourself?" Ye Tong said with a half-smile.

Li Hao was stunned for a moment, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, "What do I have to do? Yes, I participated in that juvenile class, and when something happened, I disbanded. That was a few years ago."


Ma Long's spoon fell on the plate, and everyone at the table stared at Li Hao, especially Zhou Naiyi. She also wanted to be in that class back then. Ordinary people may not know it. The top officials of the major federations attach great importance to participating in the class. Test, but lost in the first round.

"You mean, you know Maxis, the **** of war on the moon? You know the king of heaven, Fanlivert, and you...are classmates in the youth class with Basta, the wolf king of Mars?"

(I remember when I first entered college in 2000, the six brothers in the dormitory all shouted that they were born in poverty, and one was worse than the other, but we found that a buddy's closet was full of Nike Adi, can this be tolerated? Among the other five of us Under the "sincere communication" of people, he finally admitted that he was a landlord in Shanghai. He was a rich second-generation, and they all fell into a pit and couldn't run away. After that, we were very nourished in the college years. The third shift, my friends, Ask for a monthly pass for collection, thank you!)

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