Machine Storm

Chapter 64: Prediction is also divided


The two mobile suits disappeared at the same time, and appeared at the same time, but... Oni Samurai's head disappeared, his body lost balance and spun out, and the laser eye in mid-air shot directly pierced through the headless body.

? ? ? ? ? ?


The armored dragon landed, and the Oni Samurai exploded.

The audience was dead silent, who won? Is it a dragon? Or is it actually a draw?

what's going on?

Puppet wins!

Then without any hesitation, Sawutian was kicked.

The Huo Man who was still standing suddenly sat down with his butt. Why did this happen?

Zhuang Zhou was excited in his heart, his eyes were full of enthusiasm, but his expression was calm, "Everyone, I know you have doubts, please witness God's art of war!"

No one thought Zhuang Zhou was a genius, because at that time, the armored dragon was already at an absolute disadvantage. It was not just that the titanium sword was broken, but that he lost the confrontation as a whole.

Gao Yunfeng showed an intriguing smile at the corner of his mouth, "The Martians have swelled, and this year is our best chance."

Zhou Naiyi didn't answer, didn't listen to what the other party was saying at all. Sawutian was very powerful, and he was not a reckless person. In the end, he should have set up a set, and the puppet was hit, but he didn't know how he was caught. The counterattack, the blitz is no problem, but...

At this time, the members of the EMP analysis team had long been ready to give the answer as soon as possible.

The ghost warrior's ghost martial arts Tiangang Thirty-Six Slashes began. There is no doubt that the mechas are playing with all their strength. The whole set of ultimate moves is very extreme. The knife cuts into the flesh. At this time, the classic place is given, and the circles are marked one by one. Out, Sawutian's slashing is almost in the same position, and the haunted house mad knife crushes the armored dragon's backward titanium knife in terms of quality and toughness. detail.

The puppet is really strong, he defended it, and counterattacked, the same move, the parsing video was drawn again on the pace, and a small-angle comparison video was given at the same time, the terrifying fluency, as if it was copied synchronously, it feels like a ghost Wuzong His disciples may not be able to reach this level, but the details are that Sawutian counterattacked. He wanted to disrupt the opponent's pace and directly disrupted it, but Kailong directly used his pace to unscrew. This is not an imitation, but a I really understand Tiangang Thirty-Six Slashes.

The key point is here. The moment Kailong thinks he succeeds is also the time when his mentality is the most surging. Any pilot will have a hard time controlling his pride at this moment. This kind of Tianxiu's prediction, the next step will definitely be a killer, and Sawutian grasped this mentality. The opponent's powerful attack, coupled with the simultaneous use of Guiwuzong's knife breaking technique, was still in the position of repeated slashing, and directly broke the titanium gold knife, which also completely disintegrated the attack of the armor dragon, and the strength was staggered. The feeling is enough to make the armor dragon lose its center of gravity.

The energy storage of the laser eye is to put pressure on the opponent, and the laser eye that can be fired at any time is a factor that must be considered, and the real ultimate move, the lightning strike - owl head.

The haunted house mad knife directly slashed at the head of the armor dragon, which was the favorite way of **** by Mars masters.

But at the moment when the Oni Samurai blitzed, Kaoru also blitzed.

It was given in slow motion, super close-up, and everyone's eyes almost jumped out.

Arc Step Blitz - roundhouse kick.


The ghost warrior predicted the action of the armor dragon, and the armor dragon predicted the prediction of the ghost warrior, the arc flashed, kicked out, and the ghost warrior was equal to slamming into the opponent's attack, and his head flew directly. Inertia and momentum made the lower half fly out like a spinning top, and was hit by a falling laser eye.

This is a 100% reality mode. The tactile sensor will be directly transmitted to the pilot's brain by this violent vibration. The taste is absolutely overturned.

"Here, I want to explain that the general blitz is straight, and the arc-step blitz is to add a rotating force to the blitz, and it will form an arc trajectory at the moment of rushing out. It looks easy, but this kind of control It's extremely difficult!" Zhuang Zhou said unabashedly proudly, "I said that for the puppet god, the result is never a problem, all we need is to believe in him, and then watch a big battle show, old difficulty, what should we do? You did it!" Zhuang Zhou was reminding the other party's spaceship.

Huo Nan, who wanted to go to the toilet, stopped helplessly, "Cough, this game was just an accidental mistake. I think Sawutian must have been training too hard and was out of shape..."

"The explanation is to cover up, hurry up, I didn't say anything. Is it possible for a game? We earthlings are very aggressive and don't care about this. Anyway, there are still plenty of opportunities in the future!" Zhuang Zhou said. Take a breath.

Spaceships take off one by one.

Zhuang Zhou was too lazy to pay attention to it. He didn't know whether the puppet gods were still fighting. The reality mode was very expensive. The puppets didn't go offline, but they didn't continue to enter the rankings.

Li Hao is not tired, but he has to go to the toilet.

Highlights are still being played back in the EMP hall. The official analysis just now is just a quick glance. In fact, there are still many details for ordinary military cadets. Some actions alone are enough to practice for a long time.

They are also A-level military academy students. The gap between top experts and ordinary students is still very large. After the genetic adjustment, the upper limit is actually increased. Of course, top experts usually enter the special forces or high-level personnel. The conventional army still needs a lot of talents .

"Naiyi, how are you thinking?" Gao Yunfeng looked at Zhou Naiyi. He didn't like this kind of internet celebrity. No matter how good the online game is, it's useless. Offline is completely two worlds. Looking at these people Enthusiastic, but seriously, when it comes to the S game, it's not worth mentioning.

Zhou Nai glanced at Gao, the rogue who was pretending to be a gentleman, and shook his head decisively, "Captain Gao, see you on the field!"

"Naiyi, why bother, I think you are a wise and calm person, you know you will lose, why do you go all the way to the dark?" Gao Yunfeng said while pulling Zhou Naiyi.

"Captain Gao, please respect yourself!" Zhou Nai threw away the opponent's hand.

Gao Yunfeng still smiled, "Naiyi, even if you're angry with me, you can't make fun of your future..."

Before he could finish speaking, he slapped his shoulder heavily. If it wasn't for so many people, Gao Yunfeng would have killed the opponent with one punch and let him know why the flowers were so red.

"What are you doing, Captain Gao, be polite to our squad leader!" Li Hao appeared, and his wet hand directly took Gao Yunfeng's hand, "Why didn't you say it earlier when you like shaking hands so much, I want to look for it every time I go to the toilet. Personal wipe, oh, shake hands."

Gao Yunfeng quickly threw it away in disgust, "Yes, Li Hao, quickly disappear for me!"

Li Hao smiled, "Squad leader, what happened?"

Seeing Li Hao for some reason, Zhou Naiyi felt inexplicably relieved, "Captain Gao wants our team to surrender, otherwise we will be disbanded."

"Ah, Captain Gao, I'm so afraid of losing in the campus competition. I should have said it earlier. If I abuse you a little bit, it's over." Li Hao waved his hand helplessly.

"Li Hao, who do you think you are, and why are you still immersed in your kindergarten grades? I advise you to think more. I am the captain of the first team and I am responsible for the first team. Tianjing Jiwu pays attention to fairness. , only the most powerful teams can represent Tianjing, but I think Naiyi and the others still have great potential, so I want them to join, you are nothing, don't join in here!" Gao Yunfeng has reason and condescending. Look at Li Hao.

Li Hao let out a chuckle, "Captain Gao is really awesome, standing on the highest point of morality and fighting high, such shameless words can be so artistic, I think you are right, only strong teams can represent the sky. Beijing will play, and I won't know the campus game next week. Could it be that you can't predict, what the hell, was it because of humility that you played so badly last year?"

Gao Yunfeng's face changed, Li Hao's identity was not worthy of talking to him at all, and arguing would only make him lose his price. He turned to Zhou Naiyi, "Naiyi, do you think so too?"

"Captain Zhou, I've made it clear, let's speak with strength!"

Zhou Naiyi is not a hesitant person.

"Very good, you are all fine, see you next week!" Gao Yunfeng shook his hand and left. At this moment, he was really angry and didn't know how to flatter him!

When Gao Yunfeng was gone, Zhou Naiyi breathed a sigh of relief, and the whole person seemed to be discouraged. As the former captain, Gao Yunfeng still put a lot of pressure on her, especially since she knew the situation of the battle, but let him It is absolutely impossible for her to join Gao Yunfeng's team, even if she waits another year.

"Lord monitor, don't frown, it's a big deal, just teach them a lesson next week!" Li Hao said.

Zhou Nai couldn't help laughing, "Thank you, but you also know that the current situation of the team is not very good. UU Reading"

"I know, Zuo Xiaopang said, you guys are short of people, I'll do it, I can play in any position, I'm sure to win!" Li Hao patted his chest and said.

Zhou Nai couldn't help but smile, "Sure enough, he is an expert with an S score, his momentum is different, classmate Li, so people underestimate you, but it's too unfair to you, the principal told me, you can't Representing Tianjin in the S competition."

For a military academy student, it’s okay to have no strength. If you have strength, you can’t participate in the S competition. It’s a blatant suffocation. She can’t let it go. bullied people.

Li Hao patted Zhou Naiyi on the shoulder, "Squad leader, what are you thinking, wouldn't it be nice to have a chance to show your face, you helped me a lot, I'm not polite, such a trivial matter is nothing, let's go , as the monitor, you need to be more aggressive, I admire you very much, just in time, I made a small fortune recently, I will invite you to have supper."

Li Hao knew that there were class fees for public activities in the class, which everyone had to pay, but his share was paid by Zhou Naiyi. Zhou Naiyi knew his family situation and didn't mention it in order to protect his self-esteem. , Similar things have happened several times. When I meet such a good person, I don't do anything myself, and it's too inhumane... How can I be so embarrassed to borrow money in the future?

Li Hao, who was walking in front, didn't notice that Zhou Naiyi's eyes were a little red behind him.

(Returning to the hotly debated question of the brothers: There are still people who are not convinced about why the puppets have won in a row. To put it simply, there are still many people who are not convinced by Tyson. They think that the little eagle can only beat on the ground and can kill Brother Gazi. Many, Shui Shen won the ONE championship and is still looked down upon by many people. In fact, this is a very normal phenomenon, not to mention that our little puppets have been unknown to the present, and they can only be regarded as small Internet celebrities.)

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