Machine Storm

Chapter 7: Gold five hundred and sixty-seven

I've been in a dormitory for a year, and I only know that he is the gold medal deliveryman of Colorful Pizza... It's no wonder, if he is the principal, Li Hao will definitely be transferred from the news department to the mecha department.

No, why did he report to the journalism department?

Zhou Naiyi also understood, and she guessed that Li Hao's mistake should be so serious that Principal Long wanted to use it, but he was a little bit apprehensive.

Everyone was making up their minds, affectionate and serious, and full of doubts, but the person involved shrugged indifferently, "What are you doing? It's like watching a stranger. I was lucky enough to be selected back then, and then I had a fight with the Moon Man, It's been a long time since I did something wrong, and they have long forgotten about me."

That was the most troublesome task that bleem gave him. He really didn't know what bleem was going to do. He even let him do it in the junior class. Fortunately, he seized an opportunity that was not an opportunity.

Li Hao said it casually, but the listeners could not relax no matter what. Back then, the Moon Man took the lead and was in charge of the venue and all the funds. The four major federations selected the best young people to gather together to implement a "Apocalypse" plan. The specific content Unknown, at that time, the entire Solar System Alliance also selected more than 5,000 people, and only 600 people officially entered the junior class, and the elimination rate was very high. Even if the eliminated people were top-notch people in their respective fields, at least it means that Li Hao was not only selected. , and left.

Malone licked his lips, feeling a little dry, "What field did you get selected for?"

"It seems to be the direction of starships and mechas." Li Hao took a bite of meat and sneaked a piece of Zuo Xiaotang.

This time, the people at the table were really speechless, that is, Li Hao couldn't be at the bottom even with his eyes closed.

"Hehe, everyone is here, so I don't have to look for it anymore." A hearty voice sounded, and a group of people stood beside Li Hao and the others at some point, "Naiichi, I want to talk to you."

Gao Yunfeng, the captain of the team representing Tianjing, this year is a fourth-year student of Jiwu. Before the Solar System Jiwu Competition, he was a proper child of heaven. No matter which career he chooses in the future, it will be bright and bright, but the overall performance is not good this time. He also has a big impact, so this year is a chance to turn things around.

"Gao Yunfeng, if you have something to say, just say it directly." After the last competition, Zhou Naiyi withdrew. She and Gao Yunfeng had completely different ideas, and they had different ideas.

Gao Yunfeng was stunned for a moment, but his voice was still very gentle, "Naiichi, what we're talking about is very important, it's about the future of Tianjing."

"Gao Yunfeng, don't ruin the future of Tianjing, it's good, what the **** is going on in the S game, it's a dog, if I were you, I would have dropped out of school." Ma Long said unceremoniously, Gao Yunfeng is a rival in love, At the beginning, they were also chasing Sheng Man. The two were on the same level at first. Later, when they learned about Gao Yunfeng's romantic history, Sheng Man decided to choose Ma Long. In the past year, Gao Yunfeng has used the privilege of the student union president to give him a lot of help. stumble.

For example, in his photography club, the previous members were all disbanded by Gao Yunfeng, which forced him to have enough new recruits to fill in, otherwise he would be disbanded due to insufficient members.

"Ma Long, why are you talking to the senior, you didn't have a long memory when you beat him last time!" Zhao Zhihan mocked, still staring at Yetong.

Ye Tong was eating her own food. She was new here and didn't know the grievances inside.

"Zhao Zhihan, if you want to fight, I will accompany you!" Musashi stood up and said in a deep voice.

Zhao Zhihan was a little apprehensive in his heart. Xiaogang Cannon had already made a name for himself in the mecha department in one year.

"Musashi, it's none of your business, while you go, Ma Long is a man and he will come out to duel, and I will accompany you at any time." Zhao Zhihan shouted sternly.

"One-on-one, what to pick, looks, you have to go to plastic surgery, genetic adjustment can't save you!"

Gao Yunfeng also saw Yetong and stopped Zhao Zhihan, who was about to get angry. He knew that this was the newcomer that the principal was trying to dig, and smiled slightly, "This is Yetong, I hope you can join my team. Let's join hands together. To form the strongest team in Tianjing, Naiichi, there were some mistakes last time, and our arguments are also among teammates, I hope you can reconsider joining the team, this year will definitely be shameful!"

In his senior year, Gao Yunfeng won't be easily provoked, and if he wants to get out of the USE to get the quota, Yetong, Zhou Naiyi, and Musashi are all important forces.

After eating a piece of beef and wiping her rosy lips, Ye Tong suddenly turned to look at Li Hao, "Li Hao, which one do you think I should join?"


Gao Yunfeng and others all looked at a certain little transparent, Li Hao?

Is there such a person in Tianjing Jiwu?

"Sister, you decide which one you want to join. If you want to ask my opinion, it's better for the monitor."

"Okay, I'll listen to you." Ye Tong said indifferently.

Gao Yunfeng frowned, where did this come from, it can make Yetong obey, "Li Hao, you can join my team with Yetong, you should understand, this is a great honor, for your future After graduation, it will be of great help, as long as Yetong is willing to join, I can make an exception for you."

Before Li Hao could speak, Ma Long chuckled, "Ma doesn't know how long his face is. Your shameful team is so glorious. Do you know that Li Hao is a member of the Solar System Apocalypse Junior Class, a full member!"

Gao Yunfeng and the others were dumbfounded, followed by Zhao Zhihan burst into laughter, "He, just him, if he was in the Apocalypse Junior Class, I would still be the president of the Solar System Alliance, what's wrong, boss, stop talking nonsense with them, you have done your best."

"He is indeed from the Apocalypse Junior Class, but you are not." Ye Tong waited for the innocent big eyes and said, as if looking at a fool.

The cafeteria suddenly quieted down. Apocalypse Junior Class, many strong men emerging in the solar system now have such a label, there is actually a boss in Tianjing Jiburi?

What others say is not convincing, but Nighteye's identity still has weight.

Gao Yunfeng took a deep look at Li Hao, "Let's go."

A group of people left in a hurry. I have to say that the name of the Tianqi Junior Class is too oppressive. Before investigating it clearly, even Gao Yunfeng would not dare to pretend to be forceful.

"Brothers and sisters, don't mess with me like this, okay? It's all old Huang Li, and you will be misunderstood." Li Hao was helpless.

"Brother Hao, what's the matter with you, how did the dignified lad in the juvenile class degenerate like this?" Ma Long asked in a low voice after the others left. This was what everyone was curious about.

"It's all old Huang Li. Back then, I made a mistake in a group fight and got punished, so don't ask. It's fine now, squad leader, I won't hold back, but I don't have much spare time." Li Hao smiled.

Yetong kept looking at Li Hao. The inside story of the accident was blocked, and only a limited number of people knew about it, and she just knew a little bit, so she was considered a participant.

"Captain, leave Li Hao to me, don't worry, I'll let him return to his original position." Ye Tong volunteered, "Please take care of him in the future."

Li Hao nodded, Yetong... There was no such surname in that year. After all, it was quite special, and it was from USE. It didn't make sense to not know it. It was strange.

During the meal, Tianjing Jiwu broke the news that there was a big bull from the Apocalypse Junior Class hidden in the academy, but it was degenerate. After all, the Apocalypse Junior Class was a long time ago. Yong's case is not an exception. If you really want to be awesome, it will take off long ago.

Excited but excited, just starting school, Zhou Naiyi and Yetong have a lot of things to do, Musashi needs to train, his daily training can't be interfered with by anything, Ma Long and Sheng Man Xiaobiesheng are newly married, naturally there are many indescribable thing.

Li Hao is also very busy.

"Li Hao, two seafood pizzas from District 96 and five Orleans chicken thigh pizzas, hurry up, you are our ace."

"Okay, boss, the mission must reach gold medal 567, go now!"

At this time, Li Hao was already well-dressed, the pizza was packed very skillfully, he put on his helmet, and there was a second-hand, somewhat mottled electric motorcycle at the door.

"Boss, when can I get a better one?" This delivery motorcycle is really old, and the power is cut off from time to time.

"When you become the boss, get out." The bald boss waved his fork.

"Okay, boss."

Li Hao quickly delivered the delivery, this really didn't fool Zhou Naiyi, he was a busy migrant worker.

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