Machine Storm

Chapter 79: traitor

As a result, a group of people saw Li Hao. These people seem to be the eternal parallel with Li Hao. What kind of friendship is this?

"You said, why did they come here?" Tan Ziyuan's face was filled with infinite curiosity and reverie.

"Who knows, it can't be because of his words." Sheng Man was also a little puzzled. How could the captain of the second team be with these people?

"Maybe, have you noticed where they are sitting? Li Hao not only sits in the middle, but also sits in a fan shape. This is definitely a sitting method that respects Li Hao." infinite curiosity.

Sheng Man also took a look, "If you don't tell me, I really don't think that he has been sitting calmly from beginning to end. He really has the aura of a big boss. It's incredible."

In fact, Sheng Man also asked Ma Long before, why Ma Long still respects the most uncharacteristic one in the bedroom, which is also very strange in terms of Ma Long's character. Ma Long was also stunned at the time. He said that he also I don't know, anyway, I feel that Li Hao gave him this feeling, an inexplicable sense of security.

Sheng Man now understands that this is the aura, the calm between gestures.

This is the rule that was carried over from the Apocalypse Youth Class back then, and it was also set by Nangong. The rules of the four major federations are very strict, and the Mars side is more clear.

With the door closed, Aofei and the others obviously wouldn't take this little episode seriously, but they didn't expect Li Hao to be in such a situation in Tianjin, but they didn't say anything. With Li Hao's strength, as long as He wants to do it, it's a hair.

This kind of convincing is not something that can be built in a day or two or some trivial matter. With Li Hao's character, it is obvious that he is too lazy to pay attention to such weak people.

"Kevin, I heard that you didn't enter the military academy?" Li Hao asked.

The thin and most inconspicuous Kevin smiled slightly, revealing an abrupt little tiger tooth, "Second brother, I entered, I dropped out of school, I tossed a few who wanted to charge me protection fees, the school is too rigid and useless , I am now anwang, free and easy."

"Second brother, this kid is a big leg in Anwang. The news spreads in all directions, and he pretends to be ruthless. He can even get tickets for Arths." Depuya laughed.

"Hey, this is a gift for the second brother." Kevin said.

Li Hao waved his hand, "No need, I have it."

"That's different, mine is mine, you can give it to a friend." Kevin sent it to Li Hao's Sky News, "By the way, second brother, the Morriffith family has been making a lot of moves recently, Ciri An this kid will never be quiet, do we have to prepare?"

Everyone looked at Li Hao. The first battle was still fresh in their memory. If Li Hao was not there, no one would be Xilian's opponent, and that person would also be a monster.

"Second brother, reorganize the hunters!" Robbie said seriously, "Compared to the unity of the other three major federations at critical moments, our USE is too loose."

"It's more than loose, I just like to engage in infighting." De Puya pouted, he didn't bother to say that there are people who don't want their own to win, and if they want to lose together, it seems that they won't appear incompetent if they lose together.

Li Hao smiled slightly and shook his head, "It's fine if you have the heart, the form doesn't matter."

Ao Fei looked at Li Hao, still feeling guilty. The most innocent person back then was Li Hao, Xilian knew that he was a variable, and Li Hao didn't like to argue, so he deliberately transferred him away to implement the plan, but in the end it was still the case. Li Hao rescued them, but in the end it was Li Hao who bore all the responsibilities.

Are Earthlings not strong? Strong, but not united, there were traitors back then, and the traitor's testimony made Li Hao take the blame, but Li Hao has no complaints for so many years, his strength and future are better than everyone else, and such a strong person , but the nameless dwelling in Tianjing Jiwu.

Everyone is not a child anymore, and actions are more convincing than words. "Second brother is right, the form is not important, it is the like-minded people."

Depuya slapped his thigh, "That's it, like-mindedness is the most important thing, so you don't have to worry about stabbing a knife in the back, grandma's, Milner's dog... Oh, I'm used to it, okay, let's not talk about it. , I'm not as good as others, I will definitely find my way back this year."

Li Hao looked at the crowd, "De Puya, don't stare at this thing all day, it's the last word to raise your own strength, Kevin, what is Cillian doing recently?"

"Hey, second brother, you asked the right person. I have been staring at this kid since he was in a coma. I thought it was completely over, but I didn't expect him to turn over. I have been tinkering with things for the past few years. Going in, what's more strange is that Cillian doesn't seem to have any intention of going out, but the Morriffith family has a big move in Kepler." Kevin said, "This kid, he likes to play yin when he was a child. Step by step, it must be more insidious to escape from death now."


"Yes, although they are very secretive, Merriff's affiliates have been transporting something from Kepler. In addition, there is also a small episode, it seems that Maxis and Van Levitt are not very interested in him. ' said Kevin.

Maxis is the MVP of S9, and Van Levitt is the MVP of S10. These two also led the NUP to dominate the two S games.

This is a matter of the interior of the moon. Based on his understanding of Xilian, the second battle is indispensable, but this time the other party will definitely make preparations before starting. Without Nangong's checks and balances, they are very poor in terms of resources.

"Help me check, what is he transporting." Li Hao said.

"Hey, second brother, just wait for these words, I really want to challenge their strongest firewall." Kevin said excitedly, he is a darknet super hacker, he has not moved, not afraid to move, Rather, he was afraid of catching grass and scaring snakes.

Li Hao nodded, Kevin is a genius in information, that's not his field, "Before the mid-season game, the golden zone has to be reached. This is the basic standard, and then we can go further."

"What do you mean, the gold ZONE is still the basic standard, is it possible that there is more?" Depuya asked in a daze.

"This level of mental outburst, the second brother achieved it many years ago, right?" Ao Fei asked. Among the people present, Ao Fei was the strongest, and obviously had a deeper understanding of the golden zone.

Li Hao smiled and nodded, "Don't take it too seriously, this is a primary method of using power."

"Second brother, it's very hurtful for you to talk like this. I'm still a breath away." Depuya said depressedly, Yan Peng nodded, and he was only close to the door.

"Hey, I've got it done, the second brother hammered me and I realized it." Robbie said, mastering the golden zone is a big step forward, at least Tianxing Jiwu is no longer beeping.

"I'll go, second brother, you favor one over the other, we won't agree to this." De Puya is not happy anymore, they are all relatives and cannot be separated from each other.

"When the campus game is over, I'll make arrangements, Ao Fei, how long can you last now?" Li Hao asked.

"Five minutes is about the level you and Cillian were at five years ago." Offi said softly, only if you are strong enough to understand this kind of power, and five minutes is an interception point of the golden zone, like reaching the limit of the human body Same.

Robbie on the side is unhappy, what's the situation, he finally raised it to one minute, and this is the golden zone that starts to pursue the limit time?

The same as the six dragons, do not bring such ah.

Li Hao smiled slightly, "Don't be so humble, your energy is more than a little bit more than we were back then..."

bang bang bang...

There was a knock on the door, Kevin got up to open the door, Sheng Man and Tan Ziyuan were at the door, "Li Hao, excuse me, we are fans of Senior Sister Offi, I wonder if we can take a picture with Senior Sister Offi."

The two girls thought about it outside for a long time, but decided to take the initiative. They are not the characters who wait and wait.

" These two are my friends, Sheng Man and Tan Ziyuan." Li Hao stood up and said.

Ao Fei smiled slightly, stood up generously, and instantly opened his aura, "Of course you can."

Sheng Man and Tan Ziyuan were very happy after taking the photo, but they were very lost and didn't bother to continue. The two who came out were a little excited, and just confirmed their guesses. Li Hao has a strong influence among these people, and Ao Fei What kind of character, that is the famous arrogance, and the symbol of the entire Knights of the Round Table, one of the two major cards in the USE theater, is obviously very gentle in front of Li Hao.

What did Li Hao do to make these people look like this, with strength? It's not very logical. These people have reached the peak of their strength, and they are not strong enough to be convincing.

Tan Ziyuan's eyes were even more piercing. She and Li Hao only met once a long time ago. When they were with Sheng Man, Sheng Man introduced her casually, and the other party remembered it.

A man who can be respected by Blood Rose can definitely ignite the curiosity of a girl.

"Little Hoof, isn't it tempting to see the way you laugh?" Sheng Man leaned into his girlfriend's ear and teased.

"This man is special."

"Won't I introduce it to you in particular, and do you think that the school is a fool? An unknown student suddenly became the captain of the second team, and the team member was Zhou Nai Yi Yetong Musashi, which actually implied."

"But can you beat Gao Yunfeng's first team?" Suddenly Tan Ziyuan was a little worried. I heard that whoever loses will be disbanded.

"Yo, yo, this is worrying." The two girls frolic for a while.

After dinner, Ofir Robbie and the others left directly. They are the core of each military academy and team. In order to reach the top of S11, all the pressure is on them. This time, I really came to see Li Hao.

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