Machine Storm

Chapter 82: supernova battle

This kind of attack in the middle is the best way to dodge, and because of the offensive situation, it is too late to fall back, and the gust of zero suddenly jumps forward and rolls, and at the same time, the laser sword cuts to the Dragon God fighter.

This is on-the-spot response, this is experience and a big heart, not the so-called talent of this newcomer can...

? ? ?


The Dragon God fighter jet that struck the teeth suddenly flipped into the air, the mecha reversed in mid-air, and the laser sword stabbed straight down.


The laser sword penetrated through the body.


The Zero fighter exploded, and Sheng Man's passionate voice sounded, "In the first game, Zhou Naiyi won, and the phoenix has wings for nine days!"

The audience cheered. Zhou Naiyi's popularity in Tianjing Jiwu has always been high, even if he left the first team. The life-and-death battle of the second team, but the students all believed that it was an integration battle. In the future, Zhou Naiyi would be respected, or Gao Yunfeng's core position should be used.

"Sarkozy's experience and operation are all right. He can be called a good student, but it's useless. The S game is for geniuses. You can believe it. Blitz can change his moves so smoothly. The control directly draws a line for the genius." Ma Long showed his charm without hesitation, and now he is the only man in the family and friends group, of course, he has to shoulder the responsibility of commentary, not to mention his level in the mecha system can also be Be a substitute.

"Sister Nai Yi is really strong, she is actually enough to be called a supernova."

"That is, as long as it is dragged down by last year's results, why else would the school let her rebuild the team." Maron Dese said.

"How did the captain become Li Hao?" Lu Ying asked curiously.

"Brother Hao, it seems that Zhou Naiyi gave it to himself, so that he can focus more on improving his combat power." Ma Long didn't brag about Li Hao.

Sarkozy is very comprehensive, but he can't use such skills as blitz, or he can only use it reluctantly. At Zhou Naiyi's level, blitz is just a skill.

Entering the second grade, the gap has grown wider and wider.

The victory of the first game is not too surprising, the second battle is very crucial.

Since it is a blind selection, no one knows who the opponent will be in the next match.

"The second game, Gao Yunfeng vs Musashi!"

Immediately, the audience boiled over. Musashi was actually more anticipated than Zhou Naiyi. After all, the heir of the Wu family, the younger brother of Wu Fa, can be said to be the hope of Tianjing's martial arts taking off. Even if they failed last year, the people of Tianjing were not too discouraged. That's because Our trump card is missing.

The battle between Gao Yunfeng and Musashi is what everyone wants to see the most. As for that Li Hao or something, what's so good about a sniper? This captain Bacheng is a nominal one. , let alone the juvenile class, it is an unfamiliar name to ordinary people, and everyone believes in the results they see with their eyes.

Gao Yunfeng is not afraid of challenges. To be able to dominate an academy, it is necessary to maintain the strongest combat power. No matter how fancy the second team is, the strongest must be Musashi. Stronger, but he didn't understand why Musashi would rather mess with Zhou Nai than join his team to fight for supremacy.

Gao Yunfeng (Kanglang K fighter)

Musashi (Dragon God E)

Kuanglang K fighter

Configuration: Medium mecha 78 tons

Dual-engine nuclear fission-driven left shoulder guided missile Or Kuangwu high-frequency output system Alpha electro-optical laser gun K-type Longya

The K series is the work of Orr, the most famous designer of USE. It is a super series developed by USE in recent years. It is specially prepared for top fighters. It has outstanding performance and must suppress NUP. In general, the hard performance is to suppress the wind. Zero style, but it will cause higher load and operation difficulty. It is roughly estimated that it is twice that of Dragon God and more than double that of Chiron. At the same time, Orr is also a weapon madman who pursues the ultimate feel and strike, so he always likes it Titanium knives, in his words, laser swords are garbage, and the Kuanglang K fighter is paired with his ultimate titanium knives, Longya, a big sword twice as long as a titanium knives, of course, the forging process is also complete Different, so to speak, the cost of one is equivalent to twenty ordinary titanium knives.

For Orr, the cost is not what he considers, but the operation is what the soldiers consider.

But the end result is that in the virtual mode, the Kuanglang fighter has rave reviews, and the waves can be played again, but the utilization rate of the real mode will be much lower.

In the entire Tianjing Jiwu, only Gao Yunfeng can control it. His golden gene is dominant in physical fitness, so even if it is a protracted battle, Gao Yunfeng is not afraid at all. The ability characteristics, the opponent is strong, he will drag until the opponent appears flawed.

The two mobile suits entered the battlefield and immediately received the highest decibel cheers from the audience. The popularity of Gao Yunfeng and Musashi deserved to be the strongest in Tianjing.

Gao Yunfeng is known for his physical fitness, while the Wu family has been battling his body since childhood, and his toughness is absolutely sufficient. Last year, Gao Yunfeng has been observing Musashi. He is really satisfied with Musashi and Zhou Naiyi. He still thinks that these two people are here to assist. my own.

"Musashi, don't you dare to gamble, join my team if you lose, I'll take you to the S competition!" Gao Yunfeng threw an olive branch and smiled.

The Dragon God fighter on the opposite side pulled out the titanium sword and said nothing, the center of gravity of the Dragon God fighter was slightly lowered, and the big screen gave Musashi a close-up.

The Wu family is known for being rigorous. Although he is young, he is cautious in his words and deeds in Musashi.


The dragon tooth came out of its sheath with a unique dragon roar. I have to say that Dr. Orr has made great efforts in the aspect of modeling. He believes that beauty itself is a kind of power, which can be integrated with the pilot at the spiritual level.

Longya pointed at Musashi.


tap tap tap tap ...

The two mobile suits rushed towards each other at the same time, and came to the midfield in an instant. The titanium sword and the dragon teeth collided violently. This kind of homogeneous collision sound resounded in the sky is the easiest to ignite passion.

dang dang dang…

No matter in terms of strength, experience or mecha, Gao Yunfeng has the advantage. Longya presses down to attack. Facing a new and tender supernova, even if it is a descendant of the Wu family, it is still not enough to see. After three years of experience, Gao Yunfeng no matter from Power or psychology is crushing each other.

The Kuanglang fighter aggressively waved its dragon teeth and blasted out three consecutive cuts, with no epee!

The titanium sword is really not enough to look at, and it is suppressed in an instant, while Longya is not cumbersome at all under the control of Gao Yunfeng, and the frequency-changing steps under his feet are still suppressing the space and changes of Musashi, so...

One-shot sprint to fly Musashi's Dragon God fighter. For this kind of superior mecha, either you can't master it, as long as you master it, you will definitely get what you want.

Blitz - Huiyue Cross Slash!

The Kuanglang K fighter rushed out in an instant, and Longya instantly drew two dazzling lights to completely block Musashi's retreat.

dang dang dang…

The four-knife defense was perfect, and Musashi on the screen didn't seem flustered at all. With a steady defense, the Dragon God fighter landed, suddenly dashed forward, and made a lightning strike—tooth protruding.

The attack method is exactly the same as Zhou Naiyi. The flexible use of lightning strikes is an essential foundation for supernovas. The Kuanglang K warriors did not dodge, but the same dash forward. At the moment when the two mobile suits crossed each other, the engine of the Kuanglang K fighter roared, and after a small pause, the dragon's teeth rotated smoothly and slashed towards Musashi.

And Musashi's Dragon God fighter Titanium Sword backhand precisely blocked, when...

Two mobile suits staggered past, each came to the other's position, and the cheers of the audience shot into the sky in an instant.

Super intense offensive and defensive game and transformation, Wujia Supernova VS Tianjing Ace, this battle is what everyone wants to see.

Ma Long also pouted, although he was not happy with Gao Yunfeng, especially his cowardly play in the S competition, but that also depends on the opponent. On this battlefield, he is really fierce, and he can't expect physical exhaustion. This guy's physical fitness It belongs to a donkey.

Musashi really can't drag him, dragging with Gao Yunfeng is equivalent to the dung beetle rolling the ball more and more vigorously.


Gao Yunfeng's dragon teeth slowly pulled away, and the rounds were staggered. He was very aware of Musashi's solid basic skills, and it might not be easy to win this game without showing some ruthlessness.

drag? What a joke, this is not an S game, this is Tianjing Jiwu, his kingdom.

Gao Yunfeng raised the dragon tooth with one hand, and slowly put it on with his left hand, two-handed sword. The supernova Gao Yunfeng was best at attacking, and he became famous for the Jingfeng Seven Swords.

At this moment, Gao Yunfeng's spirit and energy in the Tianjing Jiwu Arena of Glory instantly rose to its peak.


The engine roared, and the Kuanglang K armor rushed towards the Dragon God fighter in an instant. The high-frequency step was not to give the opponent any plans to easily predict, but the speed was very fast. Gao Yunfeng was really interested in the performance of this mecha. essence.

Musashi did not retreat to escape, but was ready to fight. The distance between the two sides instantly reached ten meters. In fact, it was not a wise move for the Dragon God fighter to stand still in the face of this kind of impact, but this was Musashi.


Blitz - Jump Slash!

In the blink of an eye, the dragon tooth has already chopped at the dragon **** fighter, and there is no way to avoid it, even if it is a lightning strike, the frequency cannot be avoided, and the Musashi defense.


Taking a hard blow with the two-handed sword felt like being hit directly by a locomotive. Gao Yunfeng didn't expect his opponent to be stupid enough to take it hard, so don't blame him.


The three consecutive slashes of the mad waves, although they did not achieve the superposition effect, each strike was extremely solid. Under such cheers and thunder, Gao Yunfeng exuded power from every cell in his body.

kill kill kill!

I roar in my heart that I am the only one in the sky and the world!

Under the three swords, the Dragon God fighter was obviously beaten with a lower center of gravity. At this time, the real killer came. The Kuanglang Mecha moved horizontally to the left side, the two-handed sword changed to the right-handed backhand sword, and the sword was pulled horizontally.


In the next second, the right side is moved horizontally, and the left-hand backhand sword is replaced by the trend, and it is pulled horizontally.


The blitz jumping slash with raised hand + triple slash with both hands + horizontal pull X slash from left to right, all in one go, but Musashi's Dragon God fighters were all blocked, and at this time Gao Yunfeng's mouth showed a arrogant sneer, after pulling horizontally, he held swords in both hands again. .

- Fangs!

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