My Girlfriend And I Transmigrated

My Girlfriend And I Transmigrated


194 Chapters Ongoing Status
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Luo Jing traveled through, and traveled to the outer door of the Demonic Soul Refining Sect, and became a miscellaneous fish disciple.

There is a powerful senior sister in the door, who has been pestering him. Just when Luo Jing was thinking about whether to “be sensible” and practiced at night, he found that his girlfriend had also crossed over with him, and the two could meet in a dream.

The girlfriend actually traveled to the Immortal Gate of the Right Way and became the direct disciple of the elder of the Immortal Sect.

Shen Qingxuan: Can you stay away from those demon girls?

Luo Jing: I’ve tried my best to stay away from them! It was they who wanted to make me a stove, and I didn’t want to!

This book is also known as “My Husband with a Demon-sucking Female Physique”, “In order to keep my boyfriend, I must practice hard”, “My fairy world can’t be a long-distance relationship”

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