My Whole Family Is a Little Strange

My Whole Family Is a Little Strange


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From the age of 7, Qiao Qiao realised that her family wasn’t quite the same as her friends’ families.

Her father, dressed in all white, said, “Our girl should learn to cultivate immortality with me!”

Her mother, dressed in battle armor, said, “Our girl should train her body to protect herself!”

When discussing it, they decided to solve it with a duel outside.

Her brother secretly asked, “Qiao Qiao, do you want to be in the entertainment industry with me?”

Then, her brother was kicked out of the house by her parents. She prayed that he was okay out there. 

Qiao Qiao sighed. She was really worried about this family.

She silently collected mech building materials. There was no other way, if she learned how to use mechs, she would be able to get a good job. Unfortunately, her unreliable parents didn’t understand.

It seems like the burden of supporting this family was handed over to her.

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