Projection Upgrade Tour

Projection Upgrade Tour

262 Chapters Ongoing Status
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In a world where spiritual energy is revived, ancient sects that have been silent for many years are about to revive.
In the mortal world, martial arts clans monopolize the inheritance of martial arts, and there are even ancient immortals rampant in the world.
Chen An came to this node, turned into a gang child, and stared blankly at the world.
Beside him, there are gangs fighting, fighting for power and profit, and there are demons and cholera outside, and gods and ghosts go hand in hand.
Faced with such a mess, the only thing he could do was to make good use of the upgrade template he brought with him.

P.S: In this novel there are Mortal Martial Artists but later on the information about Immortal Cultivators pops up..

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