Realistic Game

Realistic Game


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In this real game that uses the power of hundreds of millions of players to turn the fiction into reality, Mo Lan has continuously researched magic through ink cartridges, created a magic system, and became the strongest mage.

Reporter: “What is your goal?”

“Goal? The abyss is used to raise fish, and the God Realm is used to raise birds.”

“Emm, is there a longer-term one.”

“Long term.”

Mo Lan murmured.

“I hope that one day when I become a father, I will tell my son that I will go to prepare for the exam. The position of the sun god is good, five social insurance and one housing fund, food and housing, good welfare benefits, and distribution after five years. .”

“Well, that’s great.”

(Dnd, magic, farming, tower defense)

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