Chapter 84 Let's go to school

   At that moment, Jiang Yiye seemed to see a little **** running in front of the emperor.

  The little **** threw the schoolbag on the seat, then climbed into the car, fastened his seat belt, clenched his small fists, looked ahead with bright eyes, and said excitedly, "Dad Duck! Let's go to school!"

  Bo Yexiao: "..."

  Jiang Yiye: "..."

  You are riding a car, not a dog.

  Bo Yexiao was halfway through, and the little girl saw that he was driving smoothly, and only after realizing it did she remember: "Dad, didn't you say you can't drive?"

   Being woken up early in the morning, Bo Yexiao didn't get enough sleep, he lowered his eyes slightly, looked forward with a sleepy expression, and was too lazy to talk nonsense: "Suddenly I will."

  The little girl thought for a while, then gave him a careful look, and said, "What if you suddenly don't know how, Dad?"

   Bo Yexiao looked indifferent: "Then wait to die."

  Little girl: "..."

   The little girl obviously didn't want to wait to die. She looked at Jiang Yiye behind and asked crisply, "Uncle, can you drive?"

  Jiang Yingye was looking at the phone. Hearing the words, he was stunned for a moment, and said, "Yes, but maybe I'm not as good as your father."

   Jiang Yingye's remarks are indeed not false.

In the army, he drives off-road vehicles and tanks, and he is used to driving these, but these are not the same type of cars that run on flat roads. If he is asked to drive a sports car, he will be able to drive, but it will inevitably be a little different. adapt.

  Xiao Boya thought about it for a while, but still looked back at his father, and whispered: "Dad, uncle can't do it, you should try your best to be able to drive, I don't want to die now."

  Jiang Yiye: "????"

   He just said that he was not as good as Bo Yexiao!

   How could he be so bad? !

   Finally, the car arrived at the kindergarten safely.

   The little girl got out of the car and waved her little hand at her father: "Dad, I'm going to school, see you in the afternoon! You have to remember to pick me up!"

  Bo Yexiao: "..."

   Suddenly, I wanted to set up an accommodation for this little thing.


  The time of the day goes by quickly.

  Bo Yexiao got off work at about the same time as kindergarten, so he picked up the little **** the way.

  From kindergarten until returning to Bo's house, the little girl was unhappy.

   The lively energy of "rushing duck" to go to school in the morning is completely lost.

   The whole person seems to be wilted.

  Bo Xueer was admitted to the juvenile class, and the juvenile class was postponed for a few days. Bo Qingguo and the others went out to celebrate Bo Xueer. When they came back, Qin Wu was the only one in the Bo family sitting on the sofa watching TV.

   Suddenly I saw a little girl who came in from the outside with an unhappy face written all over her face.

   Qin Wu was stunned for a moment, then looked at Bo Yexiao decisively: "Third brother, have you bullied Yaya?"

  Bo Yexiao: "..."

  Bo Yexiao frowned tightly, glanced at the little girl who hadn't spoken much, pursed her thin lips, feeling irritable: "Ghost knows what happened to her, that's what happened when I received her."

  Qin Wu thought for a while, then went over and asked as softly as possible: "Yaya, did you not have a good time in kindergarten today?"

   The little girl looked up at her and nodded in a wronged way.

  Qin Wu seemed to have thought of something, and his heart was stunned: "Did someone bully you in the school? Who is it? You tell aunt, aunt will ask him to settle the account!"

   "No." Little Loli shook her head, rubbed her eyes, and looked pitifully deceived, "It's that the food in there is really unpalatable!"

   The little girl was about to cry when she saw it, and tears rolled in her eyes instantly. She clenched her small fists and said angrily and choked up:

   "Their admissions profiles are all deceiving children! The food they said is delicious, big liar! All of them are big liars! I was deceived so badly..."

  Qin Wu: "..."

  Bo Yexiao: "..."

  Qin Wu paused for a while, then said helplessly and funny: "So it's because of this."

   heaved a sigh of relief.

   She thought something big had happened.

However, this is the case in aristocratic schools. In fact, not many children go to the cafeteria to eat. Usually, parents will send meals to their children, or the children will bring their own lunch boxes in the morning and go directly to the microwave to heat them at noon. .

   Over time, the canteen is provided for teachers to eat.

   Since it is provided to teachers, it is basically salty and spicy, mainly because people in the capital are addicted to spicy and salty food, so they don’t have the energy to work in the afternoon.

   And Yaya especially likes sweet food, even if the food is delicious, Yaya will not like it.

   Furthermore, this kind of spicy and salty food is not good for the body if children eat too much.

   "That's right, it's because of this!" The little girl lowered her head and said sullenly, "I didn't have enough to eat at noon, and I've been sad all afternoon."

   said, the little girl raised her head and glared at Bo Yexiao angrily: "And Dad, he didn't come to coax me! He just cared about driving his car, he's super hateful!"

  Bo Yexiao: "..."

   Lao Tzu is driving, but he doesn't care to drive, do I have to wait for a car accident and kill two people in one car?

  I don't know which little **** is saying in the morning that she doesn't want to die yet.

   "I won't go there tomorrow anyway," the little girl pouted. "They lie! Their food is not delicious at all! It's a big liar! I'll never go to them to study again!"

"Okay." Bo Yexiao nodded, he was quite open-minded in this matter, he was the same housekeeper and the same stack of kindergarten's admissions profiles before the little girl, "I don't want to wait for the little girl to be happy. Pick another school."

  Small thin buds: "..."

The little girl struggled and looked at him pitifully with her watery eyes: "Dad, I really don't want to go to school."

   Qin Wu couldn't bear to see it.

   But Bo Yexiao was still expressionless, unmoved, and thin lips spit out a faint word: "Choose."

  Small thin buds: "..."

   Seeing that her father was not at all soft-hearted, the little girl hugged her little arm and got angry: "I don't choose! I don't want to read! I don't want to read in the future..."

  Bo Yexiao said lightly: "I've chosen, I'll let you buy an extra piece of strawberry cake today."

  Xiao Boya suddenly became quiet.

  Bo Yexiao raised his eyebrows slightly: "Choose or not?"

  The little girl endured the humiliation: "...Choose."

  Bo Yexiao: "Do you still read?"

   The little girl was wronged: "...Read."

  The cold-faced man rubbed her little head with his big hands, and his thin lips parted lightly: "Be good."

   Qin Wu gave a thumbs up.

   is still the third brother.

   Actually, Qin Wu also felt that it was better for a little girl to go to school. This is the process of growing up, and reading is always only good, not bad.

  It is said that there is no end to learning. People like the third brother are still reading and learning every day to improve themselves.

   She can also see that Yaya doesn't really dislike reading. On the contrary, like her third brother, when she sees a book she is interested in, she will try her best to read it.

   [Changed the outline, Yaya hasn't written about going to the youth class to kill the Quartet, but it's coming soon, I want her to be invited back to the youth class! Ask for a monthly pass, a monthly pass! Plus more! For the sake of my 20,000 updates, gentlemen, give me a monthly pass! There should be another one later. 】



   (end of this chapter)

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