The General’s Wife of the Buddhist Family

The General’s Wife of the Buddhist Family


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Upon waking up, Luo Jianjia found himself in a book called “The Cold General Falls in Love with Me”.

The hero is her husband Chu Weilian, and the heroine…not her.

As the male lead’s original match, she will go out of the wall when the male lead is out to fight.

Later, the male protagonist rescued the next emperor on the battlefield, and his official position soared, from a small soldier to a great general in the Dali Dynasty.

And as the male protagonist’s original partner who loves the poor and loves the rich, she ended up very miserably.

Opening his eyes and looking at the dilapidated house in front of him, Luo Jianjia breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, she is still in the home of the hero at this time, and everything is still too late.

They come, the security.

She just needs to make more money and wait for it with peace of mind.

When the heroine appears, she can smoothly reconcile with the hero and leave with the money.

However, year after year, when Chu Wei Leng became the general of the Megatron Quartet, the day that she had given birth to two children never came.

1. Farming business literature.
2. The heroine has gold fingers.
3. Slow heating, slow heating, slow heating.

Content label: Past and present through time and space
Search keyword: Protagonist: Luo Jianjia Supporting role: Chu Weilian Others:
One-sentence brief introduction: Buddhism family farming text.
Purpose: Work hard to make money and change your destiny.

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