The Great Voyage: Outlaws on the Straw Hat Ship!

The Great Voyage: Outlaws on the Straw Hat Ship!

200 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 1 hours ago


Travel through the world of pirates and get the template of the extrajudicial madman’s gun!

Coincidentally met Luffy’s invitation to go to sea, and Gretel joined the *hat group.

The buddy system appears. Whenever a buddy joins, you can extract skills, items, and even offer them a job transfer!

“Sauron, what do you think of this Blade of the Ruined King?”

“Luffy, teach you a trick to the crow, do you want to fly?”

Luffy transferred to Street Fighter: Wrist, double the damage to women!

“Luffy’s hands are itchy and he wants to fight!”

“Sauron, there are Sword Saints, Swordsmen, Sword Demons, Sword Princesses, and Sword Souls here. How do you want to go?”

Street Fighter Luffy, Soul of Sword Zoro, Marksman Usopp, Elemental Master Nami, Shape Changer Chopper…

Gretel’s goal is very simple: punch the four emperors, kick the generals, and use the head of the dragon to clean the soles of the shoes…

ps: You can enter without playing lol, it does not affect reading, and the experience is fresher..

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