The Public Enemy of Tower Defense

The Public Enemy of Tower Defense


548 Chapters Ongoing Status
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An insurance, a safe city, not afraid of invasion, worry-free reconstruction, welcome to buy invasion insurance!

The player Lei Chi is trapped in the game world and cannot go offline. He has obtained a claim settlement system. As long as his own camp is invaded by the player, he will get a claim settlement treasure box.

From then on, he said the harshest words and suffered the most poisonous beatings.

If others build towers to defend, they are afraid that they will not be able to stop the invasion. If Lei Chi builds towers, they are afraid that the towers are too strong and no one dares to come.

Come on, come and hit me!

“I’m not touching porcelain, I’m cheating!”

“What kind of green onion are you, everyone who wants to beat Lao Tzu has made an appointment until next year, so line up!”

PS: Don’t get me wrong, this is a serious tower defense novel.

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