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She had no money.

Marie was in her room, at her wits' end.

Marie, a person who had reincarnated, had snatched everything from the protagonist of that otome game, Livia──or at least she was supposed to.

She had the protagonist's position.

She had ensnared the capture target boys and also obtained a handsome elf for an exclusive servant.

She was supposed to have taken away everything Livia was meant to have──but she had no money

"I don't have any money."

She squeezed out a few brief words about her situation.

She was supposed to be surrounded by five rich people and live a life without any discomfort.

However, before she knew it, the five had become disinherited and no longer had any allowances.

The five no longer had money.

Her delusions of living a rich life were fading away.

"At this point, there's no choice but to earn big at the school festival."

As the troubled Marie steeled her resolve, her exclusive servant Kyle shrugged his shoulders.

"Can students even earn money during the festival? Wouldn't it be fine to just quietly earn money in the dungeon? That's how everyone's been doing it."

"Even if we earned cash from that, everyone would use it up immediately!"

The five had problems in terms of their sense for money.

They were originally the wealthy heirs of distinguished noble households.

It would be difficult if they were told to suddenly switch over to the life of a commoner.

However, it was a fact that the five were excellent.

They would be able to earn a certain amount if they entered the dungeon to hunt for treasures.

However, the problem was that they would use them soon after.

"Couldn't you have those five earn for you, Master?"

(Did this guy just inadvertently admit that he doesn't want to enter the dungeon?)

"That wouldn't work. If I don't keep an eye on those five, they'll use up all of the money they earn in a day. We'll have to make big earnings through the school festival. There are many rich people here, after all. The students sure have a lot of money."

"So, what attraction are you planning?"

"We'll think about that afterwards. First, we need to gather information."

Marie, who believed that she would earn more by targeting girls, immediately began her research.

Marie, who went outside, observed the behavior of the academy's schoolgirls.

While hiding with Kyle, she watched some girls who were shopping.

"How enviable."

An ideal sight laid before her eyes.

Tall, beautiful sub-race servants wore suits while accompanying the girls as they shopped.

There were also schoolboys nearby, taking the initiative to hold the girls' bags.

Kyle made a face of disgust.

"How long does it take for them to choose a set of clothes? The boys holding their baggage are trembling."

The boys' arms were reaching their limit while carrying the heavy luggage.

However, if they dropped them, they would have to buy them new ones and also wouldn't be invited to shop with them in the future.

They desperately endured it for the sake of marriage.

Furthermore, all of the shopping expenses were paid by the boys.

"I want to have a day off like that as well."

It was Marie's ideal scene.

The group went into a cafe next.

The boys lowered their heavy baggage, giving some resting time to rub their arms.

As for the girls──

"Look at them. They ordered really expensive sets."

All of the tea and sweets were high-class items.

The boys handled all of the payments.

Some of the girls were also feasting on snacks.

Though serving sizes were small, the prices were expensive and the girls didn't hold back on their orders.

(I'm jealous. I'm sick of eating all three meals at the school cafeteria.)

Shopping and eating out on a day off.

It was a very envious sight for her.

Like that, they did some more shopping afterwards──continuing on until dinner, and once it became night, the boys were set free.

Marie had a little bit of sympathy for the boys who were being tasked with baggage carrying on a day off, but──

"Huh? Where are the girls heading?"

Something seemed odd.

Once the boys went back home, the girls took their exclusive servants to a street during the night.

As closing time approached, Marie thought for a bit while following them.

"Master, are you really going to keep chase?"

"I have no choice. I need to find out what the girls are using their money for."

Following the group of girls for the sake of research, she entered a dubious establishment.

Once Marie entered──

"Welcome, Milady."

──A beautiful butler greeted her.


Marie covered her mouth.

There were beautiful men everywhere inside the establishment.

It seemed that this was a place where employees wore butler's clothing and provided service to girls.

Surveying the scene, she noticed that numerous academy schoolgirls were inside.

Butlers sat next to them, serving them food to eat.

An employee spoke.

"Is it fine for you to come here each day? This place is quite pricey."

A girl responded to the worrying employee.

"Don't worry. Some boys are paying for us. They'll gladly finance us if we just tell them that we have no money. Leaving that aside, you should be my lover."

"Eh~, don't you pity the boys? Though, if that's the case, you can dine with a peace of mind, I suppose."

Though she felt sympathy for the boys──Marie had one thought.

(This is iiiit!)

An image of Julian and the others dressed in suits popped up in Marie's mind.

They were former heirs of prestigious nobles and were popular in the academy.

If they provided service, girls would definitely pay money.

"Kyle, I've got an idea."

Guessing what Marie was thinking of, Kyle made a very displeased expression.

"Are you thinking about doing something like this as an attraction for the school festival? Do you have permission?"

"It'll be under the guise of a cafe. We'll make Julian and co.'s services an option. It will surely be profitable."

Thus, Marie had decided on an attraction for the school festival.

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