You Might Die If I Get One Treatment

You Might Die If I Get One Treatment


212 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 22 minute ago


That year, the world changed, the game came to reality, and the magic disaster began to wreak havoc.

In order to resist all this, everyone must plan their careers, level up wildly, and strive to become stronger.

And Lin Ye obtained the special talent “Reversing the Universe”.

You can reverse and strengthen the effects of all self and self-acting skills, damage to healing, buffs to debuffs…


He switched jobs and became a pastor.

“Come, come!”

“You can hit me with a forbidden spell or magic!”

“Knock out a little blood and count me as a loser!”

“Can’t move?”

“It’s my turn, Healer, go!”

[Hint: Attack the enemy with a healing technique, causing 100 million real injuries, and the opponent will enter a negative state such as forbidden treatment, poisoning, burns, silence, weakness, etc.! 】


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