All Heaven and Worlds Bookstore System

All Heaven and Worlds Bookstore System

1592 Chapters Ongoing Status
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Yang Xiao took the system to the west and opened a bookstore.

There are all kinds of novels in the bookstore. After reading it, there is a chance that you will get something from it, such as exercises, medicines, magic weapons, heavenly materials, and treasures.

Lingshan, Tathagata listened to the Guanyin report with a bewildered expression: “Buddha, Tang Sanzang has become a demon.”

Tathagata: “Are you teasing me?”

Manjusri: “Buddha, Monkey King and the Golden Winged Great Peng Eagle are here to kill the mountain.

Tathagata: “Ami has a buddha!”

Samantabhadra: “Buddha, the tombs of the ancient Buddhas on Lingshan were stolen.”

Buddha: “…”

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