Machine Storm

Chapter 11: I study financial management

"Nighteye, don't bring such a provocation..."

"Brother Hao, don't worry about me, just use all your strength!" Musashi said solemnly, taking a deep breath, his pupils shrank instantly, "Be careful."


Stepping out one step, the fighting platform shook violently, and a punch slammed out, centering the fist.

This punch didn't carry any fancy, it didn't give Li Hao a way to retreat. Li Hao had no choice. He took a hard punch with his right hand, and the whole person retreated. Musashi's left-handed knife cut into the ribs. ran to the other side.

By this time, everyone could see that Li Hao didn't use all his strength. These actions seemed easy, but in fact, there was one trick that couldn't be prevented. Li Hao is now lying on the ground and waiting for 120.

Musashi frowned, did not pursue, just looked at Li Hao, "Brother Hao, are you looking down on me? I hope you can fight me seriously."

Everyone in Class 16 knows that Musashi's stamina has come up. This person is a martial arts idiot and has no other hobbies. The last time he met an interesting opponent, he was a junior in the mecha department, and then he squatted. For a week, I followed him to the toilet, and finally had a fight with him.

Li Hao also knew about this. If Musashi was not satisfied, life would be impossible, so he spread his hands helplessly, "Okay."

Musashi's body slowly tightened, his muscles wriggled, his blue veins bulged, and he slowly opened his lunge. During the test just now, he had already felt that conventional attacks could not form a suppressing force at all, and he had to use the real martial arts skills.

Musashi moved slowly step by step, keeping the suppressed posture and shortening the distance. The moment he entered the absolute suppression distance, his body suddenly ejected like a taut bow when it entered the maximum arc.


Musashi descended the mountain like a ferocious tiger. A deafening cry came from his dantian, his footsteps matched the twist of his waist, and he threw a punch, as if arriving in front of Li Hao in an instant.

Wu family - Tiantongquan.

However, at the moment when he was almost certain to win, Musashi's whole body suddenly stiffened. In an instant, he was covered in cold sweat, his pupils contracted violently, his originally calm aura suddenly collapsed, and his breathing became violent and rapid.

Li Hao had already come to his side, and his body was almost pressed together, but Li Hao's right hand was already on his throat. If it was a life-and-death fight just now, he would already be dead.

There was silence in the training ground. The Wu family is a famous ancient martial arts family in Asia. The ancient martial arts, which once declined, have gradually risen with the mastery of golden genes. They are also an important force of USE, and have exported many military elites.

Every generation of the Wu family has been a guest instructor of martial arts in the Tianjing Military Region. They have strict family education, a good foundation, and almost inherited martial arts. The profession of military is really tailor-made. The first-year Musashi has been proved to be the Tianjing Jiwu. Rising core.

If the mecha and fighting are separated by a layer of operation and the variety of mechas, then the fighting itself, Musashi is a proper god.


Musashi's face was a little pale, and Li Hao had put his hands down and put his arms around Musashi's neck, "What are you doing, buddy, it's just a discussion, what your martial family is really good at is kendo, and you specialize in martial arts."

smack~ smack~ smack~~~

Ye Tong had already applauded, Li Hao frowned, "Ye Tong, what are you doing?"

Others also felt that Ye Tong was really targeting Li Hao.

Yetong looked at Musashi, "Senior Brother Musashi, you really don't need to be discouraged, it's your honor to lose to the second brother."

Second brother?

Li Hao was also stunned, staring blankly at Yetong, and suddenly a young image appeared in his mind.

"You, ... are you a little fat girl?"

Ye Tong's eyes turned red, she bit her lip lightly, and snorted a little indignantly, "Second brother, did you recognize me now?"

Li Hao was a little embarrassed, but also a little emotional, "Haha, haha, it's not pulling, this, were you still young at that time, chubby, the eighteenth change of the female college."

The others were dumbfounded. Isn't Li Hao an orphan? Why did he have another sister?

Seeing everyone's doubts, he patted Yetong lightly on the shoulder, "She is the younger sister of a brother of my junior class, and she was also the replacement for the junior class. It turns out that your name is Yetong, I always thought it was Nangong Tong. ."

There were only more than 600 people who were officially selected for the youth class, but a considerable number of other people also stayed as backup. Nighteye was one of them, and he would go to them from time to time to play.

Yetong nodded and leaned lightly on Li Hao's body. Everyone was still dumbfounded. Tangtang Tongshen actually appeared to be so dependent.

Musashi looked at the two of them, and suddenly remembered the big event that caused a sensation at the top of the Solar System Alliance a few years ago.

It happened in the solar system youth class. The idea of ​​the alliance was good. The elites gathered, let them hone, and stimulated the greatest power contained in their genes.

However, a group of rebellious and mature top young people gathered together. In addition, the earth, the moon, and Mars were fighting very hard at that time. It was almost common for gangs to fight and fight, and the alliance did not take it seriously. It is also their original intention, the more fierce the better, in fact, the early effect is very good.

Until Nangong Yuhang, the leader of the Earth faction of the junior class, had a fierce conflict with Cillian Moraphis of the moon. For some unknown reason, the always neutral Martian suddenly joined the side of the moon, the earth was defeated, and Nangong Yuhang was killed by two moons. People were killed on the spot.

Others don't know that Yetong was the party involved. When Li Hao was not there that day, Moon Man moved his hand. She informed Li Hao. When Li Hao rushed over, he stopped her and locked the door.

When the guards opened the door, the two people who killed Nangong Yuhang were already dead, and Cillian Moraphis was also severely injured. If the guards didn't come in time, he might not have escaped death.

The Nangong family is one of the five ancient Wu families, and has great influence and reputation in the USE military, but the NUP's Moraphys family is even more terrifying, the boss behind the Moon Federal Reserve Board, but after all Nangong Yuhang is dead, two " The murderer" was beaten to death by Li Hao on the spot again, and Xilian, who had high hopes from the Moraphis family, was left with only one breath left, and for the high-level, it was impossible to pursue further investigations.

In the end, Li Hao became a scapegoat. Although it was excusable, he was too defensive and was sentenced to one year in prison. Later, he disappeared and the Apocalypse Youth Class was disbanded.

Yetong is the younger sister of Nangong Yuhang. She takes her mother's surname and her surname is Ye. The Ye family is also one of the ancient Wu family.

"Everyone, let's get to know each other again. This is my second brother, my hero, and my idol. Please take care of me in the future." He said while holding Li Hao's arm.

Li Hao looked at Yetong, and he vaguely looked like he was a child, but he had lost the baby fat. The time suddenly went back to five years ago, and many memories flashed by, and there was something wrong.

One year's imprisonment... This result was a bit unexpected and a bit long, but Li Hao didn't appeal. In fact, he didn't have any expectations for others from the beginning.

During that time, his strength improved by leaps and bounds, and he broke through the bottleneck again. A year later, he was released. After a few years in the preparatory college, he applied for the journalism department of Tianjing Jiwu, and somehow he was transferred to the mecha department.

"Nighteye, you've grown up." Li Hao said sincerely, I have to say that it is difficult for the current Nighteye to be associated with that snow-white chubby girl.

"Well, here it is again, it's always this old-fashioned attitude, you want to be a bachelor for a lifetime!" Ye Tong smiled, "Can you believe it, he also had this tone when he was in his teens."

Li Hao wanted to touch Yetong's head, but Yetong shrewdly avoided, "Come on, I'm not a child, captain, should I thank me, Li Hao is very strong, UU reading www.uukanshu. com as long as he incorporates fighting ability into mecha combat is definitely a fierce general.”

Li Hao explained the matter to everyone with a smile. It would be more troublesome to not explain this kind of thing clearly, but the specific content is just to the point, and he said that the melee at that time caused bad consequences, "Everyone, it has been a long time, I don't want to cause trouble either. Everyone helps me keep it a secret. Also, squad leader, I'm a ticking time bomb. It's fine to be a sparring coach or anything. There will definitely be problems in the official game. "

Zhou Naiyi and the others are trying to digest the news. They can't even dream of it. The disbandment of the blockbuster solar system youth class has something to do with the people in front of them, and what the Morafis family is, a human being knows all too well. It is the leader of the NUP currency Fed, one of the three major families of the NUP, and now with the gradual establishment of the dominance of the NUP, the Moraphys family must be rising.

On the other hand, Zhou Naiyi quickly regained his senses, and his eyes returned to calm, "Li Hao, don't be too confident, although fighting and machine fighting are related, they are two different things after all. I'm afraid you only started to get in touch with machines after entering Tianjing Jiwu. Armored?"

Li Hao nodded, "This is true, my preparatory class is studying financial management..."

Ye Tong was dumbfounded, Li Hao shrugged helplessly, "Oh, I chose it after careful consideration. You all know that I am short of money. This profession itself is very good, with a broad vision. order, but they just don't tell me where my assets come from..."

Seeing Li Hao's silly appearance, everyone couldn't help laughing. After all, the youth class is a long time ago, and Li Hao is still the same Li Hao.

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