999 Times Training System

Chapter 62: What qualifications does he have first?

However, Ji You was not in a hurry to put down the "gale fist" in his hand.

He thought to himself that since he learned it, he would simply learn this "gale fist" to the highest level.

And if he let others know that he has learned "Greeze Fist" now, it would definitely cause a lot of unnecessary trouble.

After all, there is no one in this world who can do it like him, who can understand it instantly by just looking at the cultivation secrets.

Seeing behind, Ji You gradually couldn't help but unleash his "gale fist".

"What is that person doing?"

Seeing someone on the stage suddenly moved, many onlookers were puzzled.

Even the people of the three major forces were alarmed, because they could see that the person was clearly using the "Greeze Fist"!

The person in charge of the assessment quickly glanced at the time and found that only ten minutes had passed since the second round of assessment.

Almost all the people of the three major forces were astonished. This young man actually learned the "Greeze Fist" in just over ten minutes!

Not only that, but the movements are also pretty, not unfamiliar at all.

Chen Yan looked at these three major forces with a slightly puzzled expression. He didn't understand why these people had such exaggerated expressions.

Chen Yan had never practiced "Greeze Fist", so he didn't know that anyone was using "Greeze Fist".

That person is Ji You.

It didn't take long for Ji You to practice "Greece Fist" to the realm of "reaching the peak".

However, this time the system did not send a prompt to automatically upgrade the mysterious skills. It is estimated that this "Greece Fist" is not a mysterious skill or technique that comes with the system, so it cannot be automatically upgraded through the system.

It was also at this time that Ji You realized that he had just involuntarily used the "Greeze Fist".

But fortunately, ten minutes have passed since the start of the assessment, which is not enough to cause trouble to the upper body.

He couldn't help but feel a little helpless when he saw the sight of those three major forces seeing a ghost.

He didn't want this either, but he couldn't help it.

The people of the three major forces stared at Ji You with fiery eyes, as if they couldn't wait to put him under his sect.

It only took more than ten minutes to learn the inferior Huang Tier mysterious technique "Greece Fist". Although it was not as shocking as the acquired spirit body, it was still enough for them to grab people.

At the same time, even though the group of people in the audience had never seen "Greeze Fist", some people already felt something was wrong.

"I said... Isn't that guy on the stage performing'Greeze Fist'? It looks pretty powerful."

"How is that possible? Gale Fist is not an unfamiliar mystery. Although that kid is a 7th-rank mortal talent, his comprehension cannot be so high."

"It might be true. Looking at the people of the three major forces, they all seem to have seen rare treasures. I feel that this young man has really understood the'Greeting Fist'."

"Really! Looking at the three major forces, it is indeed possible."


Hearing waves of discussion from the audience, Chen Wuheng, the head of the Chen family, frowned slightly.

He hadn't paid much attention to the boy before, but now he has to care.

He remembered that the young man seemed to have come with the people from the City Lord's Mansion, and then he used his mental energy to pass a message to Palace Master Jiang, "Palace Master Jiang, what is the background of that young man?"

Spiritual power transmission, this is the unique magical power of the strong in the Profound Realm, and can communicate without letting any outsiders hear it.

"It's a member of my city lord mansion."

Palace Master Jiang also replied lightly with mental power.

In fact, he didn't even know where the kid came from, he only remembered that the kid seemed to be the person next to the second daughter Jiang Yuexin.

But Chen Wuheng obviously had an attempt, so he naturally wouldn't explain it casually.

After hearing what Palace Master Jiang said, Chen Wuheng stopped speaking.

His eyes flickered slightly, no matter what, this kid who didn't know where he came from was no more savvy than Yan'er's acquired spirit body.


There will be a long time before the second round of assessment will end.

Of course Ji You didn't sit idle, sat down and continued to practice profound energy.

After continuously gaining 999 times of cultivation experience, Ji You's martial arts cultivation realm slowly stabilized.

I don't know how long has passed, and the time for the second round of assessment is finally over.

In one hour, only thirty-six examiners had learned the "Greece Fist" within the specified time, and the rest were eliminated.

Ji You looked around and found that both Jiang Yuechu and Jiang Yuexin had passed this round of assessment.

"The second round of assessment is over, and a total of 35 people passed this round of assessment."

At this time, the person in charge of the assessment said: “Because this enrollment assessment only enrolls 30 people, the six who took the longest time among the 35 of you need to challenge the other 29 assessors. The challenge is successful. Can replace the quota of losers, challenge failure is regarded as eliminated."

As soon as these words came out, the six examiners who took the longest time suddenly panic.

If the challenge fails, they will be eliminated. They have already reached this point. They really don't want to be eliminated.

The remaining twenty-nine people are also not at ease, especially the weaker ones, they are afraid of being challenged successfully and losing their qualifications.

After all, although the six people have poor understanding, it does not mean that their strength will be worse than the other 29 people.

Only Ji Yousi didn't care, even if the six people were all together, he couldn't hurt him at all.

He continued to practice profound energy, waiting for these people to end the challenge.

After more than an hour, the six people all challenged.

Four people succeeded in the challenge, and the other two failed.

"Okay, the last round is over."

The person in charge of the assessment said: "Then we will rank first, and Chen Yan will be ranked first, and the remaining 29 positions will be ranked according to the length of the second round. The four assessors who have just successfully challenged will replace the losers. Does anyone disagree with the position?"


"If there is no objection, then..."

The person in charge of the assessment just wanted to continue speaking, but he was taken aback.

He looked in a certain direction with a slightly stiff expression, and found that the young man who was the first in the comprehension assessment just now had objections.

Not only that, the eyes of everyone in the field all fell to Ji You.

No one expected that this young man would suddenly interrupt.

"Then what is your objection?"

Seeing that it was this relatively special teenager, the person in charge of the assessment asked in a gentle tone.

If he were an ordinary person, he would not necessarily have this attitude.

"He, what qualifications does he have first?"

Ji You pointed at Chen Yan who was standing on the side of Canglan Empire Academy, and said coldly.

As soon as this statement came out, the audience was a sensation!

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