Decadent Beauty, Rely on Gou Became Popular

Decadent Beauty, Rely on Gou Became Popular


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Bao RuanRuan is in an adventure survival game. After practicing his ability to survive MAX, he can clear the level at full level.

But she slipped into a text in the entertainment industry and became a 108-line jerk full of black material, and was terminated by the company.

When Bao Ruanruan woke up, the original body was about to commit suicide, standing on the balcony ten meters high.

She immediately retracted her jumping foot.

-To live is the greatest wealth. If everyone else dies, she has to live!
A month later, Bao Ruanruan, who just wanted to save his life with thin waist, long legs, fair skin and beautiful skin, appeared on the show under the arrangement of the new brokerage company.

The audience strongly resisted and wanted to see her make a fool of herself.

In the restaurant program, everyone else was working hard, but she was the only one who downloaded 18 HowNet papers.

Analysis data: Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid, the main component of detergent, will enter the bloodstream and cause damage if 0.5% of it remains on the skin. Aussie brand dish soap formula with minimal residue, buy it!

audience:? Order is placed!

In the wilderness life program, everyone else tried to attract the audience, but she was the only one who checked whether the doors and windows could be closed normally and whether there were any criminals on the scene.

He also took out multivitamin tablets, grape seeds, cod liver oil, foot soaking bucket, traditional Chinese medicine foot soaking bag, and cervical spine massager, and placed them on the head of his bed with devotion.

audience:? ! Buy it now, or it will be out of stock again!

In the crew, other actors are listening to the director’s instructions, trying to shine in front of the camera.

Only Bao Ruanruan walked over to the pool where she was playing with her hands behind her back.

“Director, this pool is 2 meters deep? If I fall in this posture, there is a risk of more than 0.5% hitting my head, which is very dangerous. I suggest changing the posture.”

Security Expert: She’s right!

audience:! !

In various shows, the male and female supporting roles and villains who hate her and want to settle accounts with her.

But Bao Ruanruan had long since fled far away, dragging a small bench and wearing a mask.

“The world is too dangerous, I’m going on a voyage. You guys are arguing slowly, I’ll go first~”

Male & Female: ? ?

Bao Ruanruan just wanted to live a good life, work part-time to make money, buy some ginseng, snow lotus, bird’s nest, live in the Jinting community, which is said to have first-class security measures in the imperial capital, and then leave the circle safely.

But in the end, she was on fire!

Not only the first in the circle, but also the best female artist in the audience.
Everyone was amused by her, liked her true temperament, and hoped that she would live on the TV screen for the rest of her life!

When the media asked her how she managed to make the audience like it.

Soft package: ? Misunderstanding, never. I just want to live another five hundred years.

audience:? ?

Fan: “After powdering Ruan Ruan, my cervical spondylosis is cured, and my asthma is also cured.”

“Zizai is ordering me. Last time I almost forgot to turn off the gas, she saved my life!”

“After the goose said to be wary of strangers, I successfully reported a fugitive bad guy!”

audience:! !

The agent, Xue Jing, is one of the heirs of the three surnames in the capital.
He wanted to go back to inherit the family business after completing the legend of a gold broker that “no one can hold” in the entertainment industry, but the road was soft.
Xue Jing: I talked to you about a variety show, and I will go tomorrow.
Bao Ruanruan: Do you know what the probability of dying on the road is? You know the probability of a workplace injury—
Xue Jing: !
What, he has a knife!

ps: The heroine retains the super-high physical fitness of the game villain, and is proficient in eighteen martial arts.
– I’m weak, I pretend.
[The superficial cowardly bag is full of goddess. The petite health bag VS the appearance is arrogant and the inside is black. The investor’s agent male protagonist]

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