Doomsday rebirth, start emptying the citys supplies

Doomsday rebirth, start emptying the citys supplies

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[Only the protagonist has abilities]

The end is coming.

“Am I reborn?”

“I also became teammates with a loli warehouse manager with a childish face.”

【Ding! Team up with female warehouse managers to reward “Super Space Warehouse”]

If I lose it, team up for warehouse management, will I reward the space warehouse?

So what are you waiting for, let’s evacuate the city first.

Team up with another flight attendant.

【Ding! Reward light work, can fly over the eaves]

I’ll go, the skills that are originally rewarded are related to the profession of the teammates.

The flight attendant is flying in the sky, the reward is not too light, right?

Then go set up a beautiful doctor.

【Ding! Reward super healing, not afraid of zombie bites]

Group a beautiful driver.

【Ding! Reward “Magic Transformation Master”, which can transform any vehicle into a mobile fortress]


The more sisters in the team, the stronger I am.

This is too cool.

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