Global Beast: I Can Design An Evolutionary Route

Global Beast: I Can Design An Evolutionary Route


411 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 39 minute ago


Mu Xuan traveled through the dangerous world of beastmasters. Fortunately, after successfully contracting beastmasters, he awakened two golden fingers one after another: blood extraction and fusion, and information panel!

So, Mu Xuan extracted his blood, designed the evolution route of the strongest beastmaster, and became the strongest beastmaster!

The world is at my feet, and the stars are not out of reach!

Ice Crystal Spirit → Ice Crystal Frost Dragon → Dyeing Embers Frost Dragon → Jie Embers Star Dragon!

Space Tanuki → Void Dragon Weasel → Leaping Sky Dragon Weasel → Heavenly God Dragon Weasel!

Heavenly Secret Illusory Butterfly…→…→…Nine Deaths Returns to the Reincarnation Butterfly!

Destroy the Demon Bear…

Holy Spirit Make…

Sun Golden Crow…

time old man…

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