Global Lords: Start As a Desert Lord

Global Lords: Start As a Desert Lord


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Introduction: lord, farming, cultivation, troops, exploration, development

Tens of billions of people around the world have traveled to the game world of “Era of Radiance”, and all of them have become lords and have their own territory.

Recruit troops, collect resources, occupy mines, attack cities, and build an empire!

The most important thing in this lord world is undoubtedly the troop lair that can recruit troops.

However, the potential of the troop nests is fixed. If you want to get the top troop, you can only defeat those powerful field troops and occupy their troop nests.

However, Li Cha found that he was able to directly raise the level of the troop lair.

Since then, a variety of extremely powerful arms have been cultivated by him.

When other players are still ecstatic to get a high-level unit.

Behind Richard appeared desert pharaohs, scorpion emperors, mechanical giants, demon barons, blood clan princes, five-colored evil dragons, fallen angels…

Since then, a prosperous oasis city has appeared in the desert, and he has become the master of the desert.


ps: The novel “I became the ancestor of the blood family” has been completed with 3 million words

The million-word novel “Lord of Natural Disaster: Beginning to Become the Grand Duke of Demons” thanks for watching

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