I Am a Taoist Priest in Hollywood

I Am a Taoist Priest in Hollywood


800 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 36 minute ago


Chu Feng traveled to the parallel world of Hollywood. There are no horror movies in this world, and all horror movies have appeared in reality.


As a Chinese Taoist priest in Hollywood, Chu Feng expressed a lot of pressure. Fortunately, activate the merit system and kill the Quartet.


The god of death is coming: "In the future, wherever there is Chu Feng, I will hide as far as I can."


Dream Killer Freddy: "Chu Tianshi spare me, I would like to be your one."


Angelina: "Chu Tianshi, I'm so scared alone, can you come to my house at night?"


Widow sister: "Chu Tianshi, there are ghosts in my house, can I sleep with you?"


The clown girl: "Chu Tianshi, I heard that you can change your luck and make people famous. Can you see me? I'm willing to do anything."


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