NBA: I, the template Qingfeng Dahui!

NBA: I, the template Qingfeng Dahui!

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Lin Qing traveled back to 2009 to become Blake Griffin’s backcourt partner, won the strongest plug-in system, and won the NCAA championship all the way.

He is omnipotent on the court and is called “Lin Madman”, “Cosmic Forest”, “Lin God of War”, “God’s Favorite”, “Son of Destiny”, the strongest defender in the NBA, and the “King of Duel”. The king of field control in the eyes of top stars.

He is the boundless nightmare of the league’s All-Star matchup, the NBA’s strongest scoring machine, and the best scoring champion in history!

Zen master commented: “Lin is a player who doesn’t need teammates. He alone is enough to blow up all other teams in the league.”

The strongest speed player in NBA history is born!

Let’s see how Lin Qing created his own dynasty myth and became a legendary superstar in history.

PS: The old driver issued a book, hurry up and get on the bus~!


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