The Little Officials of the Song Dynasty

The Little Officials of the Song Dynasty


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Yun Yanhui is a traveler who accidentally came to the Northern Song Dynasty
When he pulled himself up with difficulty, he became honorably a temporary employee of the Kaifeng government as a qualified temporary worker of the Northern Song Dynasty government. Among the masses, they have to learn to hold up every black pot QAQ firmly, and finally light up the title-the strongest temporary worker, Kaifeng Back Pot Man

Guiding the way for mine clearance:
Main acceptor, 1vs1, cp Zhao Yunchu. Not completely in accordance with history nor completely in accordance with the original novel. There are Su Youshuang and plug-ins, and there is no nonsense based on unfounded evidence. Go and stay by you, the bricks and flowers are free.

Content label: Seventh Five-Year Travel Time and Space Food
Protagonist: Yun Yanhui

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