When God Begins To Evolve Again

When God Begins To Evolve Again


192 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 10 hours ago


A few decades ago, many strange gates appeared all over the world, and a creature called a demon by humans also descended at the same time, bringing unprecedented catastrophe to the human world. Humanity has a chance to breathe.

By chance, the world’s No. 1 magician gave up his identity, became a rookie tester and started again, entering the mysterious gate to participate in those unimaginable trials.

“This is also considered a newcomer?” The testers were depressed.

Completed the novel “Sword Suit” with 3 million words, “Shen Pin Dao Sheng” with 1.6 million words, “Super God Gene” with 7.3 million words (in the comics update), and “I just want to play games quietly” (in the comic novel update).

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