Mystery: The Ancient God is Actually Me

Mystery: The Ancient God is Actually Me


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“Who I am is a philosophical question.”

“No, this question is very simple, I am me, you are you, I have the same name as you, but it is not the same as a person!”

“But with the same memory, isn’t it a person?”

“You know, memory is the building block of a person.”

Klein looked at the elf who was talking eloquently in front of him. His serious and tense expression gradually showed signs of collapse. He gritted his teeth and asked the most important question:

“You are right, so when will you move out from here, respected Mr. Zhou Mingrui!”

The male elf shrouded in the black robe was stunned for a moment, a trace of emotion appeared in his indifferent eyes, and he said in a calm voice:

“I’ll go when it’s time to go.”

PS: One is the “ancient god” Zhou Mingrui who landed in the second era, and the other is Klein Moretti (same as the original) who has the memories of the remnants of the old days. The two have similar roots and experience different existences.

“Lord of Mysteries” fanboy, I “killed” myself, and it is continuously updated.

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